Friday, February 21, 2014

Fleksy SDK for iOS

Speaking of keyboards, there’s now an SDK for adding the Fleksy keyboard to iOS apps. It’s like TextExpander, where each app has to embed the code separately, since iOS doesn’t allow this sort of customization at the system level.

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I tried it out but it seemed to miss some obvious features like cursor movement using swipe left and swipe right (ala SwipeSelection if you jailbreak). I’d have preferred that to swiper left to delete and swipe right to space. Discoverability is also an issue if you include it in your applicaiton. Swipe up and down to select suggestion isn’t obvious. Contrast to using button-like controls in SwiftKey.

BTW an other interesting keyboard is JustType with free source on GitHub. I think it offers a lot of compelling features and avoids some of the problems of things like SwipeSelection

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