Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tales From the Crash Mines

Landon Fuller:

This has been a deep dive, and I hope that we’ve presented some useful methodologies that you can use to analyze complex or difficult-to-reproduce issues in your own code. Even if you’re not fluent in assembly, leveraging this deductive approach allows you to break many complex and confounding crashes into approachable, provable hypotheses.

If you are fluent in assembly, I hope we’ve demonstrated just how deeply it’s possible to dive on a difficult-to-reproduce issue. We performed all of this analysis post-mortem, with only a crash report and no reproduction case – we never even actually ran the application in question.

See also the PDF version. They also offer consulting services to accompany PLCrashReporter.

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Let me propose that the name of this genre be "retroactive open-heart debugging".

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