Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Network Solutions Auto-Enroll: $1,850

Brent Simmons:

I couldn’t believe that I’d been opted-in, without my permission, to any new product — and I was stunned when I saw how much it cost. And further surprised when I saw that I would have to make a phone call to deal with all this.

Update (2014-01-23): Andrew Allemann:

In an interview with Domain Name Wire today, Web.com COO Jason Teichman said the program will actually be opt-in, and no one will be charged for the service unless they agree to add it.

Brent Simmons:

Even though NetSol spokesman said nobody would have to opt out, I still did. They called me, but I still had to opt out. (Guy read script.)

Brent Simmons:

So what happens when something so obviously inflammatory is posted?

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