Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Douglas Adams on Mac OS X 10.0

Douglas Adams in April 2001, two weeks before his untimely death (via Daniel Pasco):

I was going to wait till the summer to install it, but I succumbed and installed it last week. It takes a little getting used to, old habits are hard to reform, and it’s not quite finished (what software ever is), and much of the software that’s out to run on it is Beta.


I think it’s brilliant. I’ve fallen completely in love with it. And the promise of what’s to come once people start developing in Cocoa is awesome…

I’d gone to see him speak six months earlier. He gave an engaging talk about his non-fiction book on endangered animal species. The title was Last Chance to See.

Update (2014-01-22): See also Douglas Adams’s Mac IIfx (via Rui Carmo).

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