Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iLife, iWork, and the Sandbox

Nik Fletcher:

So that developers can quickly look at the change I’ve put together a repository on GitHub with all the details for Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iPhoto, Aperture, and GarageBand that launched with OS X Mavericks - it seems there’s some interesting stuff in the iOS updates too, but I’ve not yet taken a look for myself.

As you can see, there’s still some Apple private entitlements in use, and GarageBand escapes the sandbox entirely by using an absolute read-write path for not just your hard-drive but any external drives too[…]

He sees it as a positive that Apple is now sandboxing its own apps. On the other hand, it has now been almost two years (and two major OS releases) since the original sandboxing deadline, and in some cases Apple was only able to do it by using entitlements that are not available to third-party developers.

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