Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comparing the iOS 7 and iOS 6 Weather Apps


It’s interesting to see that iOS7 adds a “Mostly Sunny” to the UI, indicating some kind of indecision about the use of the background as a primary source of information. In terms of pixels painted, iOS7 makes more room for the background than the foreground, due to thinner fonts, smaller fonts and less space covered by graphics. The washed out look, further enhances the impression, that the background is supposed to be the most important past of the UI.


That this is the prominent example of the “iOS Human Interface Guidelines” for iOS6 to iOS7 conversion, leaves me wondering…

I like Check the Weather because it puts a greater emphasis on the information content. Unfortunately, like most iOS weather apps, it seems to have been designed by someone living in a snowless climate.

Update (2014-03-10): I’m not sure when it was added, but Check the Weather now shows the expected number of inches of snow.

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