Tuesday, September 24, 2013

iCloud Bookmark Syncing

Lloyd Chambers:

So I figure: “let me go to iCloud.com and look for a Safari bookmarks thing, delete the hairball mess and then maybe it will work?” But there is no such management tool anywhere I can find anywhere in iCloud.

On another computer, I deleted all bookmarks, thinking maybe if I merged I’d get a snapshot of the hairball. I then did Merge several times with nothing showing up—zero bookmarks. So apparently one gets hairball or nothing.

The problem is that there is nowhere where you can reset or replace the truth. You are always interacting with iCloud from a distance, with latency.

I had relatively few problems with iCloud bookmark syncing until last week. I did an Erase All Content and Settings on my iPad, then set it up using someone else’s Apple ID. I was then surprised to find that Safari contained some (but not all) of my bookmarks. Fortunately, when I deleted them they stayed deleted, and the deletion did not propagate to my other devices.

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