Monday, September 23, 2013

iOS 7 Layers

Rian van der Merwe:

I’m mesmerised by the animations in iOS 7, and none more so than the experience of opening and exiting an app within a folder. To me, it feels like you’re doing Parkour through your apps, deftly using your surroundings to propel yourself forward and maintain as much momentum as possible.

Dr. Drang:

The problem arises when we bring up the Control Center. Conceptually, this is a third layer that’s above the level of the icons. Apple says it’s like looking through rice paper, and the various previews I’ve been reading over the past few months have talked about it being like looking through frosted glass. The translucency of this layer is supposed to give you a sense of depth. Unfortunately, it breaks illusion of the Parallax effect.

Craig Grannell:

I’d like nothing more from Apple than to be able to go to the accessibility settings in OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 and see ‘disable animation effects’. For most people, this option existing won’t affect them. But for many people currently suffering various motion symptoms through standard device use, it will offer a level of delight like no other Apple update. For them, devices will suddenly become truly magical.

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