Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wordbox 1.1

After hearing about it on ATP, I gave the Wordbox iPhone text editor a try. I like the “Magical Scroll Button” that lets you select text by tapping a button rather than tapping and holding (and waiting). Unfortunately, you have to tap twice—once on the button and once on Select before you can begin drag-selecting. And showing the button adds an extra row to the keyboard, which uses a lot of valuable screen space unless you are otherwise using the Markdown keys.

I think it’s worth it, though. Text selection and editing are what most make using iOS feel like a chore to me. I recall my old Pilot 5000 with a stylus being more pleasant. Wordbox’s button makes it a little better, but I think Apple needs to come up with something a lot better. Gestures, cursor keys? I don’t know.

Wordbox feels very fast, much moreso than WriteUp. However, it’s missing some important features that I want. For example, there’s no way to search the contents of your files (just the names). It can sync with Dropbox, but only to ~/Dropbox/Apps/Wordbox.

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Interesting, I was under the impression this feature was more like DraftPad's "bubbles."

I don't understand why text selection can't be augmented with a two-fingered swipe. Seems like a natural gesture and it wouldn't take away from too much else.

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