Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The iOS 7 Icon Grid and the Mac mini

Jesper is back:

But it bugs me that its most likely happenstance coincidence with the Mac mini bottom plate has people whooping and cheering, instead of wondering what’s making them drag rules shaped by necessary physical compromises into something that by Apple’s own ambition should be so unbound by physical compromises as possible.

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Some DVD extra material: I am beating myself for not using the argument "if the software should coincide with the hardware, well I just can't wait until iOS 8's five stories high app icons, consistent with the illustrous curves of the towering 802.11ac AirPort Extreme".

@Jesper Well, we already got the hideous and readability impairing iMac stripes in Mac OS X 10.0.

And iPhone OS 1.0. One of the few unequivocally good things about iOS 7.

(Also, the pinstripes were a motif or trade dress conceived by Jony or Steve, probably Steve, applied to both the iMac and Mac OS X, imprinted on them both, so they didn't actually steal a side-effect of the hardware design.)

@Jesper True, the stripes were an intentional design element. To complete your AirPort Extreme analogy, I suppose the iOS 8 app icons would be five stories high, but most of the interior pixels would be required to be black.

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