Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Principles of Reactive Programming

Coursera is offering what looks like an interesting course (via Hacker News):

The aim of the second course is to teach the principles of reactive programming. Reactive programming is an emerging discipline which combines concurrency and event-based and asynchronous systems. It is essential for writing any kind of web-service or distributed system and is also at the core of many high-performance concurrent systems. Reactive programming can be seen as a natural extension of higher-order functional programming to concurrent systems that deal with distributed state by coordinating and orchestrating asynchronous data streams exchanged by actors.

One of the instructors is Erik Meijer, creator of the Reactive Extensions (Rx) C# library.

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Considering what he's been involved in during the past ten years, Erik Meijer is now worth 30% of Microsoft. Then again, considering what they've been involved in during the past ten years, maybe that's not anything to brag about.

Point being: Google and Apple are idiots not to court him.

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