Saturday, August 24, 2013

1Password 4.0 Preview

Dan Moren:

The app’s under-the-hood implementation has seen some updates as well, with a re-architected browser extension that’s written in native Cocoa. AgileBits promises that the extension is identical on every browser, and it includes some new features of its own, like quick access to your favorites.

It’ll be interesting to see how that works. I’m not a fan of the titlebarless window.

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From some of what I've read, I think it's actually a menu — that's how the pre-HTML versions of 1Password worked, and worked better than what we have now. Hopefully it means the keyboard interaction model will be more sane.

@Nicholas What changed that allowed them to go back to Objective-C?

Nothing really. Though the browser communication uses WebSockets, it'd probably be acceptably performant with HTTP-based RPC too.

1Password 4 just changes the process boundary — it still includes browser extensions which do form discovery and filling, but they communicate with a native app which displays the UI, rather than injecting native code into most browsers (as in old 1Password versions) or displaying HTML UI which communicates with a 1Password daemon (as in current 1Password versions).

@Nicholas Thanks. A native UI without going back to code injection sounds good.

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