Saturday, August 17, 2013

Editorial 1.0

Federico Viticci reviews Editorial for iPad, the new text editor from Pythonista developer Ole Zorn:

Editorial is a text editor that supports Markdown, syncs with Dropbox, and comes with “accessory panels” to access a preview of documents (converted from Markdown to HTML), a Python console and scratchpad, a documentation viewer, and a web browser for quick research.

Editorial supports Dropbox versions, TextExpander snippets as well as its own abbreviation system, it comes with a powerful URL scheme, and – the core aspect of the app – it lets you automate text editing and communication with other apps through a workflow systems that is reminiscent of Automator and combines built-in actions with the possibility of running Python scripts. Editorial can be used to “just take some notes”, but it truly shines when the browser and workflows are put to good use for research purposes and to automate writing and editing in Markdown.

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