Thursday, August 15, 2013

Regular People Have No Idea How to Manage Photos on Their iPhone

Bradley Chambers (via John Gruber):

Also, photo stream needs to be reversed. Apple should store ALL photos/video taken with your iPhone and just store the most recent 1000 (or 30 days) locally on the device.

He then writes:

The kids born 2010 and beyond (when the iPhone camera actually got good), will have a ton of pictures taken of them. Parents largely don’t have a digital workflow that allows for backup, usability, and long term storage. Apple has always prided itself on making technology for regular people. This is a problem that regular people need solved. Photo storage and backup needs to be automatic and so easy that it’s nearly impossible to screw up.

I like the idea in theory. But trust your photos to the company that shut down MobileMe Photo Gallery?

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No one has solved it is right. There's no iPhoto in the cloud anywhere. Flickr is better proportioned now, but it so easily defaults into sharing in one way or another where you may not want to. Most of the services intended for photo storage, including Everpix (which is nicer than expected and certainly does what it does very well) are soggy sponges when it comes to either usability or functionality beyond keeping all your photos and allowing you to make an album. It's like every service can only pick off 40% of what you want.

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