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Boolean Parameters

Mark Berstein:

In this case, we can improve eighty-seven separate constructors with one simple refactoring that takes almost no time, while leaving a clear indication that those Legacy strings could bear attention when time allows.

Apple Prevents Android Lessons in Treehouse App

Kira M. Newman (via Edward Marczak):

Apple told him it broke the App Store guidelines by “promoting a competing platform,” says Carson. Looking at Apple’s documentation, the only guideline that seems to fit is 3.1: “Apps with metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected.”

This is a short-sighted policy that Tim Cook should change.

BYTE Magazine Archive

The Internet Archive has a complete archive of BYTE Magazine in PDF, EPUB, Kindle, and text formats. Via Chris Hanson, who recommends the August 1981 issue about Smalltalk and the February 1983 issue with the Lisa review.

Update (2013-08-14): Chris Hanson finds an article about the Lisa Application ToolKit and one about Objective-C.