Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calca 1.0

Calca (via Ole Begemann):

Calca is the fast symbolic calculator that gives you instant answers as you type. No network needed, powerful enough for scientists and engineers, and it’s always with you.

Frank Krueger (via Matthew Guay):

One day, when it came time for me to write the Jacobian of a system of six functions each involving a quaternion with six different variables, I decided that neither Sublime Text nor the physical pen and paper were adequate. It was time to write a better tool.

It’s a live worksheet like Soulver, but the documents are plain text (or Markdown) files.

Update (2013-07-16): Frank Krueger:

This is showing that the UI code of the iOS version is nearly 3,000 lines of code compared to 1,000 lines for the Mac version.


This is the general lesson I’ve learned over the years: writing iOS apps is a hell of a lot more work than writing Mac apps. Enlightening? No. Honest? Yeah.

I wrote this app, as I do all my apps, using C# and Xamarin tools. I want to take a moment to thank them for their awesome product. Calca was a labor of love and it was wonderful to use my favorite tools to create it.

Update (2013-07-26): Jason Brennan interviews Frank Krueger (via John Gruber).

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