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Monday, July 8, 2013

Low-Level Concurrency APIs

Daniel Eggert:

First, we’ll go through most of the bits and pieces that make up Grand Central Dispatch. It’s been around for some years and Apple keeps adding to it and improving it. Apple has open sourced it, which means it’s available for other platforms, too. Finally, we’ll take a look at atomic operations – another set of low-level building blocks.

This is part of issue 2 of, which also has a good article on testing concurrent applications.

Filosync 1.0 Beta

Filosync is now in beta:

So we’re working to deliver software that brings all the benefits of cloud computing without forcing you to hand off control to a third-party provider. Filosync’s flagship product runs in your own Amazon Web Services account, and all your data are encrypted with keys only you have access to. Or you can run the Filosync server on-premises for even more control over your data.

It sounds like a private version Dropbox. From Arq developer Stefan Reitshamer.

Update (2013-09-14): Filosync is now shipping.