Monday, June 17, 2013

AV Foundation and the Void

Chris Adamson:

This surprised me, so I asked a colleague who talks about AV Foundation at conferences if I was mistaken, and he agreed that there doesn’t seem to be a way to save an AVMutableComposition. Which in turn means that if you’re writing a video editor, the composition object is only useful to you during the life of the app, and you need some other means of saving the set of edits you’ve made, and re-creating a new composition from this data on a future launch.

He gives a bunch of examples of cool features in the old QuickTime APIs that aren’t (yet?) available in AV Foundation.

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To my mind, of all the myriad dystopias created by the post-Snowy development direction, the abandonment of QuickTime ranks near or at the very top.

It was such an elegant, well thought out, and well executed AV solution.

[...] release of Mac OS X 10.9. This is probably because the replacement, AVFoundation, did not initially support much of what was possible with QuickTime. For example, its QTMovieView equivalent, AVPlayerView was [...]

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