Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OmniPresence 1.0

Exciting initial release from the OmniGroup:

OmniPresence is the best way to sync all of your documents across all of your devices. And it works on most web hosts, including OS X Server, which means you can store all of your data yourself.

Keep all of your documents in sync. Add any file or folder, and it’s automatically synced everywhere else with a small app that runs in the background.

There’s folder syncing via the Finder with the status in the menubar (like Dropbox), an API for developers (better than Dropbox’s), support for multiple users (unlike iCloud), and the files can be stored on Mac OS X Server or a host that supports WebDAV. Since it’s open-source and the files are directly accessible on the server, it should be much more debuggable than iCloud.

Update (2013-07-26): Unlike Dropbox, OmniPresence does not sync labels or extended attributes.

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So, based on past performance, does Cupertino buy it or just copy & steal it?

Based on recent past performance, I think they ignore it.

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