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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wikipedia Corruption

Andrew Leonard (via John Gruber):

Qworty has destructively edited the pages of other writers. He has made numerous edits to his own page while obsessively hiding his true identity. And yet there have never been any significant consequences for his actions. For those of us who love Wikipedia, the ramifications of the Qworty saga are not comforting: If Qworty has been allowed to run free for so long — sabotaging the “truth” however he sees fit, writing his own postmodern novel — how many others are also creating spiteful havoc under the hood, where no one is watching?

Shorter Dropbox Public URLs

Matt Henderson shows how to use a custom subdomain to clean up the long URLs.

New Flickr


We want Flickr to be the most amazing community and place for you to share your photos. So, we’re also revealing a beautiful new design that puts photos at the heart of your Flickr experience, where they should always be. Whether it’s a sweeping landscape or a family portrait, we want every photo to be at its most spectacular.

I think they went a bit too far, in that no matter how large your window you can no longer simultaneously view an individual photo and its metadata. But I like the general direction.

I was happy paying about $22/year for unlimited uploads and no ads. Now that the free account includes 1 TB of storage, removing the ads for $50/year doesn’t seem like a good deal.

Update (2013-05-22): You can cancel an old Pro account for a prorated refund. The statistics feature is only available with the old Pro account.