Saturday, May 11, 2013

More In-Store iProduct Repairs


The workload of Apple retail store Genius Bars is scheduled for a huge increase later this year, after the company introduces a revamped AppleCare product that includes a longer list of iPhone, iPad and iPod problems that will repaired in-house. The changes will reportedly save the company $1 billion a year, but could also significantly lower customer satisfaction with time-consuming repairs, instead of being handled in five minutes with a swap-out.

The current swap policy is nice for those of us who don’t live near an Apple Store, but perhaps actual repairs will make addressing common hardware problems more affordable.

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It is not only nice if you do not live near an Apple Store. Getting an immediate replacement is part of the premium I pay for my Apple experience. For Macs, a few days repair time is normal so that you need a backup Mac if you depend on your computer. I do not want to get a backup iPhone and iPad as well …

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