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Monday, May 6, 2013



While we are not planning further feature development for Fireworks, we will continue to sell Fireworks CS6 as well as make it available as part of the Creative Cloud. We will provide security updates as necessary and may provide bug fixes. We plan to update Fireworks to support the next major releases of both Mac OS X and Windows.

Crazy Linux Threading Bug

Joe Damato (via David Smith):

And so, MAP_32BIT will remain. A misnamed, strange looking wart that will probably be around forever to remind us that computers are hard.

Word 2011: Header Formatting Madness

Pierre Igot:

Apparently, this all has to do with a feature called “content controls” that was introduced in Word 2007 for Windows. Evidently, this feature was never introduced in the Mac version of Word, but Word for OS X has to be able to open and display Word documents created in Windows. Since these Word documents can contain such “content controls” but Word for OS X does not have a “content controls” feature, what does the MacBU do? It just pretends that the feature does not exist and displays content controls as regular text.

But of course if you start interacting with such text, you end up encountering issues such as the one I experienced the other day.

Yahoo Weather 1.0.2

I like the design of Yahoo’s new weather app. It combines photos from Flickr with easy access to hourly and daily forecasts (more days than Check the Weather), plus a narrative forecast with information about precipitation and wind. Unfortunately, it’s often unable to connect to the server and gets stuck showing stale data.