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Friday, May 3, 2013

momcom: Experimental Core Data Model Compiler

Tom Harrington introduces momcom (the counterpart to momdec):

After writing momdec I realized I could probably compile models as well as decompile them. So, I wrote some code to do so. Twitter comments by John “Wolf” Rentzsch about how hard it might be may have spurred me on a bit. The code also fixes a bug I found in Xcode’s model compiler (rdar://problem/13677527 and

Dealing With Core Data “Phantom Breakpoints”

Vincent Gable links to this great tip:

The condition will ignore any private Core Data exceptions (as determined by the class name being prefixed by _NSCoreData) that are used for control flow.

Acorn 4

Gus Mueller:

A brand new UI, non destructive filters and layer styles merged together in one great bag of awesome, curves, much improved vector tools, and speed. And that’s just some of the big stuff. There’s a ton of little things which when added all together make Acorn feel and work better than it ever has.

Update (2013-05-11): Gus Mueller:

I could set the release to May 3rd, and then when I was ready I could just push the release date back to May 1st! Since May 1st was already here (and gone in some time zones) Acorn 4 would roll out everywhere at the same time, which was exactly what I wanted.