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Sunday, April 7, 2013

What’s Really Great About Fantastical

Dr. Drang:

What separates Fantastical from these others is that its window shows both the free-form entry field and the individual time/date/etc. fields, and as you type in the free-form field, animations show you how Fantastical is interpreting what you’re typing.

Mac OS X Source Releases

Rasmus Sten:

The Unofficial Fruit Company Open Source Git Mirror, or AOSM for short, is a collection of git repositories created from the Fruit Company Open Source web page, with tags for each project version and OS release. This makes it easy to, for example, compare xnu in 10.7.1 to xnu in 10.7.4 using regular git diffing tools, or see which OS releases contained zlib 37.2 (upstream zlib version 1.2.5) (project version numbers generally don't correspond to upstream project version numbers).

See also: Objective-C Runtime Releases and Apple-FOSS-Mirror.