Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools

Adam C. Engst:

What I enjoy about April Fools is that it’s a chance to say and do things that are patently untrue, but that can be based on an entirely valid point of view or desirable outcome. It’s just a different method of conveying the same information. For instance, I’ve been planning to write a lengthy dissection of all that’s wrong with the Apple’s App Store policies, but I just couldn’t bring myself to the necessary pitch of negativity. It was far more fun to write the “App Store 2.0 Policies Address Developer Complaints” article, and I was able to make exactly the same points. And I really would like to see Apple do a lot of what Rich outlined in “iCloud for Families Debuts.”

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TidBITS has long been pretty much the only organization that does April Fools tech pieces correctly.

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