Sunday, March 31, 2013

Low-Cost iPhone

Pierre Lebeaupin:

But I think the most important reason is that having dedicated base models would allow Apple to sell devices where the hardware design flaws of yesterday (visible or invisible) are fixed, instead of having to keep having to take them into account in the next X years of software updates.

I recently came across a guy who was lamenting that he had just bought an iPhone 4. He had heard of Antennagate but thought Apple had fixed the problem. Yet, almost three years later, the iPhone 4 is still shipping with the same flawed antenna design. He’d spent the past week visiting a major US city, where his friend’s iPhone 4S consistently had better coverage on the same network.

Periodically I hear about cheap Android phones, and I’m about to chime in that there’s a “free” iPhone model, too. Then I remember my own horrible experience with the 4. I can’t believe Apple is still selling it.

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