Friday, March 8, 2013

Google Maps for iPhone 1.1

Google Maps for iPhone 1.1 is an improvement over version 1.0 in that it can now access contacts from your Google account. However, it only does this via search (no browsing), and it still can’t access the iOS contacts database.

Update (2013-03-13): It’s worth reminding that, even better than Google Maps adding iOS Contacts integration, would be for Apple to let iOS users choose the default maps app. Then you could use any existing contacts app with Google Maps.

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On the other hand, I think if the Google Maps app asked for access to users’s Address Book, people would also balk.

[...] He also wonders about the future of CardDAV at Google and recommends Contacts Sync as a better way of syncing your Apple and Google contacts than the built-in support in Mac OS X. This might also be a good way to get your contacts database into Google Maps for iPhone. [...]

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