Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Typhoon Dependency Injection Framework

Romain Briche links to Typhoon, an alternative to Objection. Unfortunately, the Web site is hard to use and seems to be missing the important parts. I can’t tell what Typhoon is supposed to do differently, other than use XML.

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Hi Michael,

First up, Typhoon can use XML (this is for users who've tried Spring-style DI), however the recommended approach is the 'block and category' based assembly which is great for leveraging the refactoring tools in your IDE.

Sorry that you found the website difficult to use. I've got a diverse audience and the first goal was to provide a justification for DI in Objective-C.

If you're already comfortable with DI you'll appreciate the user guide and sample app.

Kind Regards,


@Jasper It looks like your site has more information now. I didn’t see the guide, the description of the sample, or the GitHub link before. I would still suggest that you get rid of the slow animations and divide the content into multiple pages.

Thanks - I'm working on a lighter version of the site (no animations) for iPad and other devices to be ready ASAP. I generally create native apps, so this is my first experience with HTML5 ... interesting ;)

Hok Shun Poon

An update on this — Typhoon 2.0 has been released, and it advocates an all-Objective-C configuration scheme, and the XML support has been dropped.

The documentation has been somewhat improved but I still feel that it is not very accessible. Check it out.

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