Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What It’s Really Like Working With Steve Jobs

Glenn Reid (via Kontra):

I can still remember some of those early meetings, with 3 or 4 of us in a locked room somewhere on Apple campus, with a lot of whiteboards, talking about what iMovie should be (and should not be). It was as pure as pure gets, in terms of building software. Steve would draw a quick vision on the whiteboard, we’d go work on it for a while, bring it back, find out the ways in which it sucked, and we’d iterate, again and again and again. That’s how it always went. Iteration. It’s the key to design, really. Just keep improving it until you have to ship it.

His blog has a 1998 e-mail exchange with Jobs from before he was hired to create iMovie:

I’m guessing, from talking with Sina and Will Stein, that what you’re after is the Democratization of Video Editing, the simplest and most obvious tool yet for doing basic editing. It seems like it could be done.

He also created iPhoto. Here’s a blog post from 2008 with the idea for something like Photo Stream:

I should be able to just push a button on my iPhone and have [the photos] bluetooth’ed or 3G’d or even emailed back to my mothership. […] Or, even better, automatically sync them to a special place on MobileMe where I can get them at my leisure later (not necessarily publish them, but sync them and allow me to make them public/visible or not).

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