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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MacStories Interviews: John Siracusa

John Siracusa:

The look of an app is important, and there I think Ive can help by bringing his much more subdued sense of style to Apple’s apps. But the design problems are much deeper than an ugly texture here or an awkward control there. Contacts isn’t bad because fake book apps are ugly. It’s bad because using it to do the things you do with contacts is a pain. Some of that pain is caused by slavish devotion to the book metaphor, but some is carried over from the old non-skeuomorphic version.

He also doesn’t want the Finder to be overhauled because he fears it would only get worse.

Quora Compilation Book

David Cole (via Anne K. Halsall):

As you may have already heard, one thank-you gift we sent this year’s Top Writers was a book with some of the best writing on Quora from 2010 through 2012. Over a hundred answers and four hundred pages of the best answers across 18 different categories.

As the welcome packages are beginning to hit doorsteps this week, we are happy to make the book available to everyone via PDF.