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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Mattt Thompson:

Using nonnull encodes expectations about values into an explicit contract, which can help catch any NULL pointer bugs lurking in any calling code. Remember: compile-time errors ≫ run-time errors.

Here’s the GCC reference for function attributes and the list of attributes supported by the Clang Static Analyzer.

1Password for iOS 4.1 URL Schemes

Federico Viticci:

The URL scheme for opening websites is far more useful for me. You can prepend “op” to a normal Safari URL (so it’ll look something like “ophttp://”) to open it directly into 1Password. For instance, typing op in Safari will launch Google in 1Password’s browser. Therefore, I made a bookmarklet that you can click in Safari to open the current website in 1Password even faster; simply create a bookmarklet with this code:


Yes, Learn Basic Programming

Derek Sivers:

If you heard someone say, “I have this idea for a song. But I’m not musical, so I need to find someone who will write, perform, and record it for me.” - you’d probably advise them to just take some time to sit down with a guitar or piano and learn enough to turn their ideas into reality.

RAW’s Advantages Over JPEG?

Jon Rista:

Just about everything in the shot above appears blown. The background, which was roughly an even midtone in real life, looks completely white. Imagine my surprise when I decided to at least give some exposure and highlight recovery a try. After -4 EV of exposure recovery and about 60% highlight recovery, I was shocked to see this[…]