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Friday, January 11, 2013

Screenshot Lightning

Daniel Jalkut:

I plan to build more iOS software in the future, and something like this will undoubtedly be a lifesaver when I have significant screenshots to generate. My only existing iOS app, Shush, only has 4 screenshots in one language, and I still found it tedious enough to re-generate screenshots that I hesitated to improve the UI because of the work of another round of, ahem, bitsplitting.

He’s referring to Kent Sutherland’s technique of building screen-capturing code directly into the app.

Text Substitution

Clark Goble:

Once you find the character you want you probably don’t want to have to bring up the character viewer each time. Click on the Text tab in the pref pane. Apple has a very simple text substitution system akin to TextExpander or Quickeys. It doesn’t handle macros but it will replace any string with an other string. It’s useful for common misspellings like “teh” or the like. It also handles displaying unicode fractions so 1/4 becomes ¼. What I use if for though are other special characters I want to type.

He puts a semicolon in front of short abbreviations to make them unambiguous. I would use Language & Text substitutions a lot more except that at least half of the times I try to use them they never expand. I end up going into BBEdit and grabbing the same text from its clippings.

Mach Exception Handlers

Landon Fuller:

There are some significant advantages of the Mach API over signal handlers, including the ability to forward exceptions out-of-process, and handle all exceptions on a completely different stack—something that can be useful when handling an exception triggered by a stack overflow on the target thread.

Safari’s Keynote

Don Melton:

Everyone was clapping that Apple embraced open source. Happy, happy, happy. And they were just certain what was coming next. Then Steve moved a new slide onto the screen. With only one word, “KHTML” — six-foot-high white letters on a blue background.

If you listen to that video I posted, notice that no one applauds here. Why? I’m guessing confusion and complete lack of recognition.

I found my second post about Safari, and it’s a shame that so many of the linked pages have disappeared. (My first post was about how to remove the brushed metal.) At this point I should retract my comment that “the SnapBack feature is actually useful.” It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I stopped using it long ago.