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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Firefox 18

Firefox now supports Retina displays for the main page content (but not favicons). Many of the images in the user interface are not high-resolution. This makes it even more obvious that Firefox doesn’t have a fully native Mac interface. The Advanced toolbar button in the Preferences window would have been high-resolution if the developers had used NSImageNameAdvanced instead of their own image, and likewise for the standard help button image and the back/forward arrows in the bookmarks list.

ImageOptim Case Study

ImageOptim could have reduced the size of Tweetbot’s images from 26 MB to 9 MB (via Dan Wood):

Although Xcode optimisation is assumed to improve decoding speed of PNG images, testing on an actual device disproves that […] Xcode-optimized images were significantly slower to display. Decoding speed appears to be correlated to image file size more than anything else (most likely savings on byteswapping are negligible compared to additional disk I/O and extra data to decompress.)

“Endgame: Syria” Rejected From the App Store

Liat Clark:

Apple’s App Store has rejected a game that allows users to explore the different factions, consequences and outcomes of Syria’s ongoing civil war, because it deals with a “real entity.”

U.K. game developer Auroch Digital launched Endgame: Syria as part of its Game The News project, which aims to get the public interacting with and reconsidering the concept of gaming, with politically and socially relevant topics infiltrating a medium usually reserved purely for fiction. The latter, says Auroch Digital’s creative director Tomas Rawlings, is a trend that we should not be afraid to challenge.

This seems to be in line with the current App Store Review Guidelines, although I think these types of apps should be allowed.

Patent Trolling for Fun and Profit

Paul Kafasis:

There are many ridiculous patents out there, but most are used defensively. Apparently, however, someone has patented the idea of scanning a document for emailing and is using it offensively. When patent trolls came calling for license fees on their absurd patents, one small business owner chose to fight. Good on you, Steve Vicinanza.