Monday, January 7, 2013

Mac App Store: Year Two

Federico Viticci:

A full year after that post, I believe it’s safe to say one word epitomizes Apple’s 2012 with the Mac App Store: uncertainty.

The biggest surprises for me are that “App Store” app itself remains unreliable and that there’s still no way to gift apps. We still don’t really know the full effect of mandatory sandboxing because so many apps in the store remain unsandboxed.

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Other issues include:

- the store is still limited to bundle applications: you can not download/purchase a screen saver, a preferences pane, fonts, etc.
- the App Store app is super slow and clumsy to use.

@Bob I doubt the first one will ever change. And the iOS App Store in iTunes is equally slow and clumsy. :-(

The more I think about the Mac App Store, the more I think it's like how some people feel about marriage after a few years:
- you can't do anymore what you used to do
- you're not in control of your schedule
- you're always judged by your in-laws
- parts of your income disappear mysteriously

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