Friday, January 4, 2013


TICoreDataSync (via Clark Goble) is the open-source syncing engine that allows MoneyWell to sync via Dropbox. Here’s an overview of how it works:

TICoreDataSync adds synchronization capabilities to Core Data applications by tracking changes made to synchronized managed objects. These changes are pushed out to other clients during the sync process, and conflicts are handled on a “rolling sync” basis.

It seems to work pretty much the way you’d expect.

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It's amazing how many synchronization systems are being implemented as we speak. This one is all about dodging iCloud as it cannot work on non-Apple platforms and works with Core Data, like iCloud.

@Michel It’s probably more reliable than iCloud’s Core Data syncing, too.

Charles Parnot

It looks like it could be made to work with iCloud as well.

[...] Sync is a cloud service and framework for Core Data syncing. Unlike TICoreDataSync, it is closed source and can be accessed without Core Data via a REST API. Pricing is based on the [...]

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