Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Media Release or Bug Report?

Adrian Sutton:

Users complaining publicly instead of being constructive and reporting the problem to the manufacturer certainly isn’t new, but in the age of web services its more self-defeating than ever. Apple can fix the problem in one place and its fixed for every user, surely the Victorian police have a better way of getting in touch with Apple than through the media?

As a developer, I sympathize with the desire to have bugs reported via the proper channels. But people will only do that if it seems like someone is really listening. Apple says, “If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps,” and yet in the realms of app review and security issues it seems like it’s the only thing that does. I reported Maps bugs the proper way months ago, which still aren’t fixed, and yet the Mildura bug (which, granted, is more important) already is.

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The point of view of Adrian is stupid.

Imagine you report the issue to Apple and some people get lost while Apple is busy counting its mountain of ca… ahem… fixing the issue. Who will be blamed? Apple? Or the Victorian Police department who knew about the potentially dangerous issue but did no warn the public?

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