Monday, December 10, 2012

Apple’s Flawed Burn-In Test

Matthew Cleevely (via Dan Wood):

I bought a retina-MBP, it had serious and annoying ghosting (a common problem). I asked apple to repair it (I have Apple care), they administered a spurious test (my opinion, see results below), said it was within their tolerances and refused. I, rather disappointed, complained at every possible level to no avail.

This is a real problem with my laptop that affects my use of the device every day. I am now having to pay myself to have the screen ‘replaced’—not ‘repaired’ as Apple's representatives are keen to point out.

See also my previous post on Retina MacBook Pro Burn-In.

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I broke my MacBook's Retina screen, and had it replaced. Cost around 800 bucks. The new one has the burn-in problem. Ugh.

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