Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mountain Lion Battery Life

Agen G. N. Schmitz:

Shortly after Mountain Lion was released, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro owners reported on Apple’s support forums that running 10.8 caused significant battery drainage issues, with some complaining that battery life was reduced to almost half the normal amount. Ars Technica then ran what they called “real world” tests on its MacBook Pro with Retina Display (which, according to Apple, should have an 8-hour battery life on a full charge), and their testing results never yielded more than 5 hours and a few minutes of run time.

Jim Tanous:

With great anticipation, we installed the final build of 10.8.1 this morning and ran our benchmark again, only to be disappointed by the results. Battery life did improve by about 17 minutes over the prerelease build, but we are still over an hour short on battery life compared to 10.7.4’s numbers, a difference of about 20 percent.

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Has anyone checked the RAM usage on ML? On my new MBP it was terrible but it was because the OS ram usage was high and it was swapping like crazy. I upgraded from 4 to 8 GB, which seems to improve things.

@Bryan RAM usage seems higher on Mountain Lion. I rebooted about 12 hours ago, and mds is already using 2 GB of private memory again.

mds has been leaking as long as it's existed, to the point that i just disable Spotlight now rather than deal with it. I remain amazed that this is not a priority.

@Nicholas Agreed, but it seems to getting worse. I need Spotlight to be on to test various things, plus I think content searching in Mail still requires it.

Yes, it does. I send all my email to Gmail for the purposes of searching, and for everything else, if I want it searchable I put it in EagleFiler. :-)

"it seems to getting worse"

Still lovin' Snowy. Current uptime of 78 days, (I know, I ought to restart just for the fun of it), plenty of free memory, and mds is currently using 117MB of Real Memory, and 61MB of Private Memory.

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