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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Tour of CommonCrypto

Mike Ash:

CommonCrypto is a convenient library provided with Mac OS X and iOS that provides a range of cryptographic primitives. It provides cryptographic hashes, message-authentication codes and key-derivation functions based on those hashes, and symmetric encryption. It's not a fully-featured cryptography library like OpenSSL, as it's missing more complex features such as public key cryptography and common protocols like TLS. However, if your needs fit within its capabilities, CommonCrypto is easy to use and requires no third-party code.

HyperCard’s 25th Anniversary

Chris Espinosa:

Of all the things I have worked on at Apple, HyperCard changed me most. It was deeply revolutionary, deeply misunderstood, deeply controversial. I have never had to fight Apple internal organizations so much, or received so much amazing support, on any other project. The Apple of 1986 and 1987 was still reeling from the departure of Steve Jobs, yet trying to claw its way back to relevance and success through execution, and HyperCard was seen as a hangover of the Steve era. It was a skunkworks project, written entirely off-campus, out of the normal management chain. The Engineering group didn’t want to spend resources on it. Evangelism thought that bundling it with every Mac would complicate our delicate relationships with software vendors. And nobody could really explain what it did or why we needed to do it.

Scene Kit Sample Code

Andy Lee:

As of this moment, Googling for “scene kit sample code” still doesn’t find these examples, which I find odd, since they’ve been available for a good ten days. The Scene Kit API docs don’t point to the examples yet, but this is less surprising; I’m sure the docs will be updated in good time.

Scene Kit looks like great technology, but I’m not really sure what to do with it.

BBEdit Cursor Movement & Selection Shortcuts

Oliver Taylor (via Clark Goble):

While BBEdit has many great tools for prose writers, its cursor movement and selection shortcuts do not compare impressively with its own coding shortcuts, or with certain other editors. This package of scripts aims to substantially improve your movement and selection abilities when writing prose in BBEdit.

The WebKit Inspector

Majd Taby and joocode have some good tips (via Clark Goble).