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Thursday, August 9, 2012

TextMate 2 Open Sourced

Allan Odgaard:

Today I am happy to announce that you can find the source for TextMate 2 on GitHub.

I’ve always wanted to allow end-users to tinker with their environment, my ability to do this is what got me excited about programming in the first place, and it is why I created the bundles concept, but there are limits to how much a bundle can do, and with the still growing user base, I think the best move forward is to open source the program.

I’m not really sure what this means, but he’s not abandoning the project and is already receiving criticism about the GPL 3 license.

Update (2012-08-12): Chris Foresman interviews Allan Odgaard:

My motivation is and always was to create a great editor. If I find something better that fills my needs, I will switch to that—but I doubt it [will happen]. I will continue using and working on TextMate for as long as I am a Mac user.

On the other hand, though work is ongoing, it doesn’t sound like TextMate 2.0 is very close to being completed.