Friday, August 3, 2012

Mail in Mountain Lion and Replying From the Proper Account

Erik J. Barzeski:

Mail in Lion properly responded from the same email address that received the email. Mail in Mountain Lion does not and instead replies from the default email address, regardless of the setting(s) chosen in the preferences.

Kirk McElhearn:

Generally, if you have multiple e-mail accounts, when you reply to a message, your reply uses the same account the message was sent to. But I’ve been finding that Mail does not correctly choose the account, and have seen a number of messages bouncing because the selected account is not a member of the mailing lists.

Update (2012-08-08): Joe Kissell:

However, in Mountain Lion, Apple significantly changed the rules by which Mail chooses the default From account for outgoing messages. As a result, if you don’t carefully (and manually) check each outgoing message, you might find that you’re sending messages from an unintended account. This can have serious consequences if, for example, you end up sending work email from a personal account or vice-versa.

Update (2013-03-14): This is apparently fixed in Mac OS X 10.8.3.

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So frustrating. I really hope they fix this pronto.

Eric Trepanier

Weird — there must be something else at play cause I am not seing this behaviour myself, my Mountain Lion Mail uses the correct account when replying to someone, same as it did in Lion. I just tested it by trying to reply to 3 different messages that were sent to three different accounts.

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Eric you're probably looking at emails in your inbox. If they're moved at all this breaks.

Man, What is happening to Apple! It is so frustrating. I work as a subcontractor for several companies. My main email address gets dropped to the middle or bottom of the account list... if I do not remember I email using gmail, or another account. I have tried to set the default account ... there is no way in Mountain Lion at this time.

This and the fact they no longer allow sync services between programs are glaring issues.

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