Sunday, July 29, 2012

SuperDuper 2.7

SuperDuper 2.7 now updates the status while copying large files, amongst other improvements.

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I've used SuperDuper for years, but have recently added Carbon Copy Cloner to the mix. I maintain a bootable backup at home and at the office, and have started using CCC at the office. I figure if there's ever an issue with one or the other, *both* my bootable backups won't be affected. (Maybe that's just the excuse that makes me feel better about using both. :-) One interesting feature of CCC is the ability to maintain an archive of deleted/changed files on the target drive. It'll automatically prune that archive to maintain 15GB of free space on the drive.

@Matt SuperDuper has been very reliable for me, but I do agree that one should use multiple backup programs to guard against the possibility of a bug. The auto-pruned archive sounds nice. For many years, I used Qdea’s Synchronize Pro, which had a feature like that. Now I use Arq for that. Time Machine was broken for me on Lion—it could never create more than a few backups before corrupting itself—but I’m wondering whether I should give it another try.

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