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Monday, July 9, 2012

PayPal Charges for Amex Refunds

PayPal announced today that it will now retain its transaction fee when refunding American Express payments:

Refunds for American Express Direct Payments and Virtual Terminal Payments. Section 2(d) (Additional Fees) is being amended to add that for refunds of Direct Payments or Virtual Terminal Payments where an American Express Card is used, the Transaction Fee will be deducted from your Account at the time of the refund.

This is still better than most full-service payment processors, though, and of course Apple’s app stores.

USB 3.0 Plugs

Other World Computing (via Chris Foresman):

The big departure for USB 3.0 is that its plugs are a little different than the ones prior. The main thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot more pins on the plug. That can cause a bit of confusion. Fortunately, USB is designed to scale nicely, and the plugs are no exception.