Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scripting Bridge Problems

Hamish Sanderson (via Clark Goble):

SB, on the other hand, does its hardest to pretend that it is a genuine Cocoa API with Cocoa-style behaviour, so layers on a large amount of magic. The result is something superficially appealing to Cocoa developers, but as soon as those abstractions start to leak - as abstractions invariably do - you are completely at sea in terms of understanding what’s going on. For example, SBElementArray claims to be an array - it even subclasses NSMutableArray - but when you actually try to use its array methods, half of them work and half of them don’t. In fact, it isn’t a real array at all; it’s a wrapper around an unevaluated Apple event object specifier, faked up to pretend it’s an NSMutableArray.

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