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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Retina Glider

Devin Coldewey (via Buzz Andersen):

The glider could arguably be called the mascot of the Game of Life — that is, if the game ever needed one. It represents both the emergent complexity of the game and its extremely simple core nature.


Etched permanently into the body of one of the most advanced computers ever made, then, is a symbol of experimentation, tradition, and potential — being killed.

The article doesn’t mention that Eric Raymond has proposed the glider as the hacker emblem. It represents the opposite of the direction Apple is taking its hardware and software.

Reclaim the Legacy Highlights & Shadows Adjustment in Aperture 3.3

Joseph Linaschke:

If you open pre-3.3-adjusted photo that had Highlights & Shadows applied to it, then you will see the old adjustment tool, with a new “Upgrade” button in place. Turns out you can save that old adjustment as a preset (set to zero even), and then add that to any new photo.

In most cases, I found the old Shadows tool to be overly sensitive. However, this lets you get back the Radius, Color Correction, and High/Low Tonal Width adjustments. Mid Contrast, which I found to be the most useful of the Advanced adjustments, has been promoted to the top level in 3.3.