Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

Paul Kafasis:

You’ve likely seen the Apple ad featuring Samuel L. Jackson using Siri. If you’ve used Siri yourself, however, you know the disclaimer of “Sequences shortened” is more than an understatement. They’ve edited out the inevitable “No.…NO.…NO!” as well as significant quantities of exasperated sighs. After hearing Jackson say the word “hotspacho” for the umpteenth time, I decided to run a little test.

I’ve stopped even trying to use Siri because the server is so rarely available.

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Harry Shearer nicely covers Siri last weekend.

But at least Cupertino didn't over-promise and under-deliver with iCloud, or Lion. Good to see that they're paying attention to OS X even as they take their eyes off the ball on iOS.

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@charles It must like your accent. The first time I tried it this morning, it spun for a full minute before suggesting “Put the construction on Icenhour.” After that, it was responded quickly but never got gazpacho (which admittedly is difficult). Instead, it suggested “gressbach show,” “because poncho,” “the spot show,” “good spot show,” and “a spot show.”

@michael fascinating! I tried a few more times. Sometimes, it got nice instead of 'on ice', but gazpacho was correctly identified 4/5 times :-) Still, there is clearly some work to be done on Siri...

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