Monday, May 21, 2012

Mac OS X 10.7.4


There was absolutely no compelling reason for me to update, but I did it anyway. Since then I am plagued with video problems, like can be seen on the small picture to the right.

The seems to be the rare maintenance update that introduces problems. The -[NSWorkspace iconForFileType:] method now returns generic document icons for me in certain circumstances. Another NSWorkspace bug leaks memory. Daniel Jalkut is seeing a new UI glitch. I’m seeing PDFView drawing glitches, which for Gus Mueller are accompanied by crashes. The video-related kernel panics that I started seeing with 10.7.3 are still occurring. I’ve also heard of problems with security-scoped bookmarks—introduced in 10.7.3 and essential for sandboxing—no longer working properly. It’s unfortunate that, as we near Mountain Lion’s release, Lion itself is not yet solid for everyone.

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10.6.8 works great. No reason to upgrade.

@Anonymous No immediate reason to upgrade. However, when Apple starts enforcing sandboxing on June 1, lots of apps are going to drop support for 10.6 through 10.7.2 because key sandbox features only work on 10.7.3 and later.

In case anybody is wondering about the glitch I mentioned on Twitter, there is an easy workaround at least for the use case I ran into:

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