Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I’d long pigeonholed Moom as a utility for moving and zooming windows, for people who didn’t want to do so by clicking and dragging. It sounded cool enough, but not particularly useful for me. I tend to keep my windows in fixed locations and don’t need or want to reshape them into different grids.

Then I happened to see a full-page ad in the paper edition of Macworld highlighting the “Save Window Layout Snapshot” feature, which I didn’t know about. I’d tried a couple utilities to do this years ago, but was never that happy with them. And during the Mini DisplayPort adapter fiasco I’d written an AppleScript to restore my hard-coded window positions. However, Moom is easier and better, so I’ve switched. Whenever my windows get messed up—from resetting the display adapter, a kernel panic, or switching from one display to two (or vice-versa)—it quickly fixes the positions of all my windows.

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[...] the workaround is to unplug and replug the display. The window positions get all messed up, then Moom fixes them [...]

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