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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Think Like (a) Git

Sam Livingston-Gray (via Jonathan Rentzsch):

Once people achieve some level of Git enlightenment, they tend to make statements of the form ‘Git gets a lot easier once you realize X’—but that doesn’t do much for people staring up Git’s steep learning curve.

My goal with this site is to help you, Dear Reader, understand what those smug bastards are talking about.

Not that Git is easy to use, exactly, but I think it’s somewhat unfairly singled out for criticism. The repository model is very logical.

iPad Keyboard Prototype

When I first started using iOS’s on-screen keyboard, it was a revelation just how much I missed the arrow keys and modifiers (for moving by word or by line and changing the selection). Apple eventually added support for text selection and cut/copy/paste, with an interface that’s intuitive but very slow. Text entry and editing remain so unpleasant that I do them as little as possible, waiting until I’m back at the Mac and its real keyboard. Daniel Hooper created a demo showing how the iPad’s keyboard could be improved (via John Siracusa). His idea is to use the keyboard as a gesture area, swiping left and right to move the cursor or change the selection. This looks like a promising approach.