Saturday, April 21, 2012

VoodooPad 5.0

Gus Mueller:

No more connecting to WebDAV servers and having to deal with authentication issues and strange HTTP errors. Now you can just put your VoodooPad 5 document in a Dropbox folder and VP will detect when pages have been updated. Kirstin and I even share multiple documents over Dropbox- and we can both be working on the same document at the same time. It’s wonderful.


A side benefit to these changes is VP’s file format is a bit more robust than previously as well. I also see it as a way of future proofing VP- if Google decides next week to introduce a Dropbox competitor, VoodooPad will probably work fine with it. Or if a new SCM like Git or Mercurial shows up tomorrow that you want to stuff VP into, it should “just work.”

I like developers who publish release notes and make their documentation available in multiple formats.

VoodooPad is a $25 dollar upgrade from any previous version, as well as for a full purchase for a limited time.

New users can probably thank the Mac App Store for that discount. This is one of the first apps I’ve seen that requires Lion. I expect there to be many more soon.

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